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Model NO. LT-160

LT-160 is a long stand-by GPS tracker, with exquisite appearance and small size, without any external wires, it can be installed on any moving target objects. It is built in super Li-battery with ultra-low self discharge rate which less than 1% with 1 year storage at 25℃, it can work continuously for 3 years and supports GPS, AGPS and LBS location.

Realtime Tracking

Send the SMS command or send the GPRS command from the platform to track the vehicle in real-time when the vehicle is stolen or in the emergency.

Cornering Compensation

there will be an additional GPS report when device detects a certain angular deviation (default as 30 degrees) at a turning point.

Remote Power off

Remote power off the engine via connect a relay.


Statistics the trip mileage.

Over-speed Alarm

When reach the setting speed in device ,will send out an alarm to server.

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