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ST-901M Tracker

Special features (work with our tracking software)
  1. get real time position and alarms notice.
  2. get last position.
  3. position data includes: terminal ID, time, address, position validity, alarm( over-speed, SOS), vehicle status( engine, door, shock), speed, mileage, direction, GSM signal, GPS signal, Longitude, Latitude.
  1. mileage statistics, can synchronize initial mileage.
  2. working time and non-working time driving mileage statistics.
  1. Area-in alarm, area-out alarm, and set geo-fence area as station.
  2. Set geo-fence area as station and manage the in/out vehicle.
  3. Fence type includes: round, rectangle, polygon, broken line.
  4. Fence alarm real time notes, and can send alarm info to user specified mobile phone and email.
  1. Vehicle exceeds any speed enquiry.
  2. Vehicle various speed statistics.
  3. Vehicle parking time and address report.
  4. Vehicle daily running info report.
  5. Vehicle the vehicles that go through specified location.
  6. Driver over time fatigue driving report.
  7. Stat. engine on time, door open/close time, vehicle shock info.
  8. Mileage, speed curve chart display.

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